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FGPC in the time of COVID-19

Be safe.
Be healthy.
Be kind.

NEW – 29 May 2020

29 May 2020: 

GYM: FGPC’s Waterfront Fitness facility is OPEN by appointment for solo workout and personal training sessions. Our live video training sessions are also continuing into June, due to their popularity. Athletes, recreational gym users and paddlers wanting to access the facility’s mitigated/staggered programs can apply for extraordinary access memberships by visiting HERE

DOCKS: Access to FGPC single boats (OC1s, kayaks, SUPs) is available through the Extraordinary Access program (EAP). To apply for mitigated/staggered solo boat access, visit HERE. The paddling and gym access schedules for Monday through Sunday, 1-7 June, are now LIVE and OPEN for booking to members enrolled in these programs.

Announcements about NEW SEATS in FGPC’s sold out coached small boat classes will be made on Friday 5 June; we encourage you to apply now for first-come-first-served positions on the waiting list; click HERE for waitlist spaces.

NEW: Announcements about FGPC’s summer kayak season and July / August kids camp programming will be broadcast on Friday 5 June. 


1. Victoria’s harbour network is managed under guidelines unique to its status as a working harbour and airport. Even though harbour traffic volumes may be reduced at this time, the rules of the harbour and traffic flow patterns apply at all times. Do not diverge from Victoria’s harbour traffic scheme. 2. If you or someone in your household feels unwell, stay home; wash your hands frequently and maintain distancing by means of 2-meter “bubbles” and the use of face masks. 



  • FGPC Super Sprints 250-metre dragon boat regatta scheduled for Sunday 24 May has been deferred to 2021; Super Sprints 2021 will be held on 23 May 2021.
  • FGPC’S GorgeFest dragon boat regatta scheduled for Saturday 13 June has been deferred to 2021; Gorge Fest 2021 will be held on 12 June 2021.

Decisions that affect each FGPC-hosted race will follow a consistent timeline that you can monitor, available HERE.

In order to provide our paddlers and teams with reasonable certainty, we have scheduled and secured dates for our events, races and festivals in 2021. These event dates are available HERE, and 2021 registrations will open on 15 July 2020 at early bird rates until 15 April 2021.

CLICK HERE for a detailed description of FGPC’s strategy in the climate of COVID-19.

Dear teams, captains, athletes, parents and kids, 

  • FGPC’s coaches, trainers and program staff are off the docks. Our programs are suspended. We need to protect healthcare workers and people struggling with COVID-19.
  • As of April 2020, we are outlining how FGPC and Waterfront Fitness will determine the status of our programs and our schedule of dragon boat and outrigger races over the coming season.
  • Outlined below are the steps and timelines that will affect every program and event in four key action areas: “GO,” “SAFETY,” “NO-GO,” and “THE FUTURE.” 

Like many of you, FGPC’s coaches, trainers and program staff have been furloughed. We’re doing our part to ensure that Canada’s healthcare workers have the best chance to stay in front of the wave breaking around us across the world. But our core team continues its work to ensure that the club, the gym and our events have the best opportunity to welcome you back when the time comes. 

April marks the start of the summer training and event season. Although our programs and events are suspended at this time, we can offer clarity for the future. Please read this note to understand the decisions we’ll be taking over the weeks ahead. We set out how FGPC and Waterfront Fitness will navigate the coming season on your behalf. 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing “status updates” (go, no-go, etc.). Here are the steps and timelines that will affect our programs, as well as our dragon boat and outrigger races and events.

  1. GO — How will we proceed with events and programs for the remainder of 2020, and what is the timeline for each decision?
  2. SAFETY — When we proceed with a program or event, what steps will we take to exceed the guidelines of health authorities to keep facilities and events like ours safe and rewarding?
  3. NO-GO — If a particular event or program is cancelled, how will this cancellation affect you, and what are your options after cancellation?
  4. THE FUTURE — What can you look forward to at FGPC in 2020 and 2021?
  5. Note to Waterfront Fitness members
  6. Note to FGPC program paddlers

Ready. Here we go. 

  1. “GO” — For paddling programs and events scheduled for the 2020 year, including dragon boat and outrigger races, kids camps and group adventures, we will announce a “heads up” notice exactly six weeks before each event or program start date. At each six week point, we will indicate that a decision is 7 days away regarding whether or not the event will proceed. At that point, team managers and participants will have a week to consider details affecting their participation, such as shortened pre-event training and changes to team/group rosters. One week later, and five weeks away from the event or program start, a formal decision will be announced. If the event is a “GO”, a compressed registration window will open for exactly three weeks. All interested teams will then have 21 days to complete their registrations, payments and roster confirmations.

    NOTE: In recognition of the compressed timelines required, FGPC will honour originally posted early bird fees for all events during these registration windows.
  1. SAFETY — When an event or program is confirmed, registration will open five weeks before the scheduled start date. At that time, FGPC will announce measures that ensure the safety (and fun) of all participants. For example, race distances may be changed to accommodate shorter training seasons and associated fitness levels; race schedules may be adjusted to provide for enhanced marshalling procedures; and paddler amenities and paddlers villages may be distributed in new ways. FGPC will exceed the directions we receive from local, regional and national health authorities as they pertain to our events and programs. If a race or program is approved by our health authorities for its scheduled date/s, safety will be our first priority.
  1. “NO-GO” — At five weeks before a scheduled event, under the guidance of health authorities, FGPC may announce a “NO GO.” If this is the case, our registration portal will remain closed. For teams and customers who registered before FGPC’s online portal was suspended on 15 March, two options will then become available:
    1. As soon as the cancelled event or program start date passes, pre-paid registrations will convert to corresponding enrolments for the same event or program in 2021 (see the 2021 date announcements below). Advance 2021 enrolments will be insulated from pricing changes, and teams can change their divisions and categories at any time before the 2021 registration deadline. They can also transfer their 2021 registration to another team without penalty at any time before the registration deadline for that event.
    2. If a team or program isn’t ready to transfer an enrolment or registration to 2021, a refund request can be made as soon as the event date has passed; FGPC will refund the fee. In normal circumstances, a 25% fee is charged for event refunds. For pre-paid 2020 registrations, FGPC has reduced this charge to 15%. This administrative fee is regrettable, but it is required to protect the future of the event, and to help FGPC manage the costs of cancelling and rescheduling.
  1. THE FUTURE — When FGPC and Waterfront Fitness resume services, new approaches may be needed. Our summer season will be shortened overall, and events and programs will need to adapt. We have anticipated these changes, and have prepared options so our members, friends and visitors can continue to enjoy what we all love to do: paddle, race, train at the gym, and share experiences with our friends, teammates and competitors.

    In preparation for the future, we have secured and announced dates for all FGPC’s 2021 races and festivals, which we have placed on the traditional weekends for each event. The 2021 schedule will help our members and visitors plan for the months ahead. Certainly, we will host as many of our 2020 programs and races as we can, but we can now look forward to welcoming members and visitors for training and racing opportunities beyond the current year. We’re also ready, earlier than ever before, for advance 2021 registrations. Links for the 2021 season will open on 15 July 2020. Stay tuned.

2021 FGPC Event Dates

EventEvent Type2021 Dates
V12OutriggerFeb 6, 2021
Kan-U-HakitOutriggerMarch 7, 2021
Brotchie ReachOutriggerMay 1, 2021
Brotchie Reach Small BoatsOutriggerMay 2, 2021
Super SprintsDragon BoatMay 23, 2021
Gorge FestivalDragon BoatJune 12, 2021
Vancouver Island Dragon
Boat Festival
Dragon BoatAugust 6-8, 2021
Victoria International
Guts & Glory Championships
Dragon BoatSeptember 18, 2021
WetdasheOutriggerNovember 13-14, 2021
  1. A NOTE TO OUR FITNESS MEMBERS AND SUBSCRIBERS: We are thankful that many members who elected to suspend their memberships — suspensions have allowed us to resume our operations more quickly when we reopened on 19 May. We are especially thankful those who chose to continue with their memberships during the recent closure. Thank you; your gesture was a vital investment in the facility’s ability to develop stronger fitness programs for the future.
  2. A NOTE TO OUR PROGRAM PADDLERS: FGPC suspended program payments for crew dragon boat and outrigger training on 15 March. We have since reopened to staggered and mitigated solo / OC1 (plus kayak and SUP) programming that provides the best safe access in our sector. For paddlers who made payments for summer dragon boat and crew outrigger programs before the payment portal closed in mid-March, we are holding these registrations in trust and will apply them to the summer season when it reopens. As our season training schedule is revised in response to the present closure of crew training, program fees will be amended to reflect pricing changes. Price adjustments will be made to fees once the season re-opens. For those who paid in advance, credits will be issued to your accounts after fee adjustments are made. These credits can be used for future programs or reimbursed, less a 15% withdrawal fee. If a program is cancelled altogether, your advance payments will be held in trust for a future program, or withdrawn less a 15% withdrawal fee. We recognize that paddlers not in a position to afford pre-payments to 2021 will find administrative fees difficult. We regret this; but the charge is as low as we could make it to balance the needs of our paddlers with FGPC’s ability to host paddling programs in the future. 

QUESTIONS? Our offices and physical reception areas are closed, and our phones are not regularly monitored at this time. But we are happy to respond to questions by email. Contact us by emailing: info@fgpaddle.com

STAY INFORMED. Please subscribe to our automated alert and announcement system. As the status of programs and events change, our announcement system will alert you immediately. You can unsubscribe at any time. Register for this free, automated HERE