Paddle at the Fairway Gorge Paddling Club

Paddles up! Train, play and compete 12 months of the year in one of the most spectacular paddling locations in Canada.

The Fairway Gorge Paddling Club, located near Victoria BC’s famous inner harbour, offers protected tidal water conditions for dragon boats, kayaks, outrigger canoes and special events. Outrigger canoe paddlers and advanced kayakers can venture beyond Victoria’s inner and outer harbours to the variable challenges of open water. A terrific mix of water conditions present themselves to paddlers within a 5km radius of the our club.

Come down and try us out!


NEW FGPC and VIP (Vancouver Island Paddling) have launched a joint premier dragon boat program with coaching, equipment and resources from both clubs to support the best open-class dragon boat team on Vancouver Island. Under the established and winning brand of “Gorging Dragons,” this premier team trains 12 months of the year in dragon boats, outrigger canoes and in the gym. For information about this program, contact info@gdpremier.ca