For those of you who want to get in an extra practice, our popular year-round “winter/summer” dragon boat program will be running during the summer season from April through August.

This program paddles on Saturdays from 9am to 10:30am.  

This year-round training program is an affordable and effective way to build up your on-water fitness during the summer and winter seasons. Your coach, Bob Wiggins, will be guiding the summer crew through a fun training program that will keep you interested and on the edge of your seats for 1.5 hours each Saturday. This added water time is sure to make a difference in the club’s dragon boat placements across the board. One special comfort enjoyed by members of this program (and not the general dragon boat team population) is that it includes change-room and shower access.

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Costs are:

$175 for one day per week. Gym classes are available to this program only (e.g. no other dragon boat programs are currently offered this option) for an additional charge at the beginning of the season at the FGPC front desk ONLY ($75 [plus GST] for the summer season; this additional gym fee is payable through a lump sum at the FGPC front desk only).

Paddles up, rain or shine!