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FGPC Independent Dragon Boat Teams

Have a crew of dragon boat paddlers and want to manage your own recruitment, finances, registrations and other details? Consider forming an independent team. Contracted rental rates are available for independent training all year, but the standard season runs from April 4 until August 31 (customized start dates are available). Standard rental rates:

  1. 1x per week:  $1760+GST per team ($1848)
  2. 2x per week:  $3440+GST per team ($3612)
  3. 3x per week:  $5200+GST per team ($5460)

Contact our office at 778-432-3472 or info@fgpaddle to arrange payment. Looking to join one of our independent teams? Ask us for help with contacting our 2018 independent teams.

  1. MS Warriors
  2. Paddlers of the Fifth Moon
  3. Snappin Dragons