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FGPC Snogard Dragons



  • Andrea Pleven and Craig Sutherland


  • Debby Harris


  • Sharon Davies

Team goals and a brief description of what our team is all about:

Snogard Dragons is a recreational, fun mixed team. Known for our neon yellow shirts and even brighter personalities, Snogard Dragons have been paddling since 2004. We pride ourselves on having great team chemistry. We are optimistic and positive and always think of our team first. We have fun on and off the water, however we still paddle hard and our goal is to win our division. Our motto is: “22 Hearts and Just One Soul”

Dragons is the mirror image of Snogard (ya, we’re kind of clever as well as fun). If you’re lucky you can catch us on the water and see us “Snogard” paddle the boat. Curious?

Practice Times:

  • Monday and Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Warm-up begins on the dock at 6:30 pm and we are on the water at 7:00pm.

2016 Season Races:

  • Gorge Super Sprints (May 29th)
  • Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival (July 8-10)
  • Victoria Dragon Boat Festival (August 12-14)


Snogard Dragons always welcome fun paddlers to our team who want to be a part of a great team environment (and also who look good in neon yellow!)

Contact the club for the team’s phone and email information.