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Outrigger Canoe Races


FGPC will issue a “heads-up” notice for each event 6 weeks before the event date. The six-week notice will provide teams with a five-week window to either prepare their teams and register if we are able to safely run the event, or stand down and consider the next race on the schedule. Decisions that affect each FGPC-hosted race will follow a consistent timeline that you can monitor, available HERE.

The 2020 year will require careful monitoring and potential cancellations. In order to provide our paddlers and teams with additional certainly, we have scheduled and secured dates for our events, races and festivals in 2021. These event dates are listed below, and 2021 registrations will open on 15 July 2020.


  • FGPC Small Boat Race Series (Fall-Winter)
    • Cost – $10 per race
    • Last Saturday of each month (Except December)
    • Open to all boats
    • Must have 3 boats in a category to count for points per race, i.e if 1 person shows up for on a sup they only get participation points but not placement points
    • Course and Dates – Races start at 1pm
      • Johnson-Tillicum-Bay (Nov 30th, 2019)
      • 3km Slalom Course (Dec 14th, 2019)
      • Colville (Jan 25th, 2020)
      • 4 lap – 3km relay ( Feb 29th, 2020)
      • V-21 (Mar 28th, 2020) (Cancelled)
    • Please note: Registration deadline is 72 hours prior to each event. Non outrigger boats (SUPS, Surfskis) can participate but should be aware of race rules that may affect point accreditation. Please click on registration link included above for more info
    • CLICK HERE for more information
  • FGPC V12
    • 6 February 2021 (Saturday)
    • Double hull (v12) from FGPC’s south dock through Victoria’s Gorge Waterway under the Selkirk Trestle, Tillicum Bridge, Craigflower Bridge and into Portage Inlet and back to the start line, a 9.75km race. It’s a fun middle distance race that’s available to everyone!
    • OC12 BOATS PROVIDED BY FGPC and participating local clubs
    • 7 March 2021 (Sunday)
    • 1500m OC6 sprint race with buoy turns
    • 2 May 2020 (Saturday) Cancelled
    • 1 May 2021 (Saturday)
    • OC6 13.5 km races from FGPC through Victoria’s inner and outer harbours, around navigational buoy V21 to the Brotchie Ledge marker and back
    • 3 May 2020 (Sunday) Cancelled
    • 2 May 2021 (Sunday)
    • 13.5 km downwind race
    • Registration for small boat distance races from 9-10 am on Race morning (OC1, OC2, SUP, surfski)
    • Race start at 10 am
    • Race course to be determined by race director based on conditions on Sunday morning
    • CLICK HERE for more information
    • 14 – 15 November 2020 (Saturday and Sunday)
    • 13 – 14 November 2021 (Saturday and Sunday)

FGPC OFFERS OUTRIGGER PROGRAMS, clinics and events for novice, recreational and competitive paddlers. Please call or email to register. The fall/winter season runs from 1 September to 31 March and the summer season runs from 1 April through 30 August. Browse our programs and register today.