Looking to warm up this winter? FGPC is bringing the heat with some competition! The first ever “FGPC Small Boat Race Series” is open to all paddlers, any level that want to come out and challenge themselves. Points will be given by placement (example – If you finish 3rd out of 20 you will receive 17 points) and 10 points for participation. At the end of the winter season the winners will have their name engraved onto a plaque.

When:​​ Every first weekend of the month at 1 pm

  • Saturday November 3, 2018  ​- ​​2 paddler relay in huki’s 1 km x 4
    Click Here for results
  • Saturday December 1, 2018 – 3 km solo any boat
    Click Here for results
  • Saturday January 5, 2019 -​​ 2 paddler relay any boat 3 km x 2
    Click Here for results
  • Sunday February 3, 2019 -​ 5 km solo any boat
  • Saturday March 2, 2019 -​​ 2 paddler relay in huki’s 1 km x 4

*Dec 1st, Jan 5th, Feb 3rd only 20 club boat spots available (FGPC Paddlers Only)*

Location: ​ FGPC Docks

Cost:​​ $5 per paddler per race

Prize for overall winner after the winter series (March 2nd) and hot soup/coffee included at each race


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Registration deadline is 72 hours before any particular event (registration form will be updated at that time).

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