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PROGRAM AND EVENT ENROLMENTS remain offline at this time. FGPC will make announcements relating to registration and membership options (i.e. temporary suspensions, deferrals, hold-in-place, and refunds) no later than Wednesday 1 April 2020. 

INTERIM GYM AND DOCK ACCESS are presently closed in compliance with national and provincial direction to suspend non-essential services. During this period of closure, please stay tuned by continuing to subscribe to our daily notifications (available here).

SOLO FITNESS AT HOME: For our members at home, check back weekly for in-home exercise routines developed as a courtesy to our members by our gym trainers and staff. These weekly isolation workouts are available HERE.  These are cumulative routines; always start with the first (e.g. “Week 1”), and progress through the sequence. 

SOLO FITNESS ON THE WATER: For members working out independently on the water, solo “small boat” routines are available as a courtesy to paddlers from FGPC’s performance small boat coach, Miles Tickner. These are published HERE. Each of the workouts can be selected independntly depending on personal goals and weather conditions. They are designed as 50-minute sessions. 


Health and safety are FGPC’s top priorities. Each of us is encouraged to practice mitigating behaviours, wherever we may be (at home, in transit, at work and outdoors): 

  • W = wash your hands and equipment
  • A = avoid touching your face and each other
  • S = stay away from people if you feel sick
  • H = heed the advice of authorities; avoid hearsay

As paddlers and fitness members, as a club, and as a community we will develop and adapt to new strategies in this global health crisis. Have confidence in yourselves to do what’s right as fellow islanders and Canadians; and have confidence that FGPC is working behind the scenes to develop and adapt protocols for safe, healthy and fitness-focussed programming when the time comes to regroup after the weeks ahead.

Please subscribe to FGPC’s daily alert system (AVAILABLE HERE), which will indicate when programs and facilities are open and running. During periods when we announce that we’re open and operational, know that FGPC staff, coaches and athletes — in conjunction with policy set out by regional and national health authorities — are confident that the benefits of physical activity outweigh the risks of social and physical isolation. Stay tuned, and stay fit. 


Erik Ages
On behalf of the staff, board,
coaches, trainers and volunteers
of FGPC and Waterfront Fitness

NOTE: CHECK IN HERE for new safety information about FGPC’s water and fitness programs. Please register for FGPC’s daily health and safety updates. CLICK HERE to subscribe (it’s free). 

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The BC Provincial Health Officer released specific advice and recommendations for recreational facilities on 13 March. FGPC’s docks and fitness facility exceed mitigation measures as established by the province in all areas of our operation.