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About Us

Bringing Communities Together Through Paddling

Our mission says it all. The Fairway Gorge Paddling Club brings people together as individuals, as teams, and as businesses by sharing our passion for paddling.

Dragon boat and outrigger training are great ways for companies and organizations to build teamwork and community. Paddling builds friendships, confidence and mental, emotional and physical fitness.

Each year we bring thousands of people together for training, races and events on the beautiful waterways of Victoria. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, FGPC’s programs are fully COVID-compliant while continuing to offer FGPC’s four program pillars: train (our gym and coached programs), play (our kids camps and school programs), experience (community and group bookings, subject to COVID-19), and compete (our many racing programs).

We are proud of our role in our community, and we strive to help bring people together – as individuals, as teams, as businesses and as families. Join us, as paddlers, volunteers and sponsors to help us bring communities together through paddling and athletics.